Why Choose Metal Free Crowns?
By Kenneth J. Hofmann, DMD
August 08, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Metal free crowns are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth, strengthening weakened or damaged teeth or improving the dental crownsappearance of imperfect teeth.They offer several advantages over metal crowns, such as being more durable and having a more natural appearance. Dr. Kenneth Hofmann is your dentist for metal free crowns in Louisville, KY.

Reasons for Getting Crowns

Metal free crowns can serve a variety of functional and cosmetic purposes. Some of the reasons for getting metal free crowns in Louisville include:

  • Concealing cosmetic problems, such as cracks, chips and discolorations.
  • Strengthening teeth that have become weak and worn down over time.
  • Strengthening teeth that have become damaged due to injury or decay.
  • Covering a decayed tooth after a root canal.
  • Replacing missing teeth and covering a dental implant.
  • Sealing teeth with cavities that are too large to fill.
  • Anchoring a dental bridge securely in place.

Advantages of Metal Free Crowns

Metal free crowns can be made from various materials, such as porcelain, ceramic or resin. Metal crowns, on the other hand, can be made entirely of metal, as with gold crowns, or they can be composed of a mix of metal and non-metal materials, such as porcelain fused to metal. Metal free crowns offer several advantages over metal crowns. For instance, they look more natural and tend to be more stable.

Crowns made from porcelain, ceramic or resin closely resemble natural tooth enamel. Further, the color, shape and size of porcelain, ceramic or resin crowns can be perfectly matched to a patient’s existing teeth so that the crowns blend in and look natural. Metal crowns do not have the same look as the natural teeth and can stand out when smiling.

Another advantage of metal free crowns is they tend to be more stable. Normal tooth functions, such as biting and chewing, can be performed without worry.

In Louisville, metal free crowns can be placed by Dr. Hofmann. To schedule an appointment, call the office at (502) 895-7715.